These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how I work

What are your hours?

Therapists work flexible hours and are in the office at various times. When you or your child are matched with a therapist, they will contact you to set up a good time for both parties to meet. A secretary is usually present, Monday through Fridays, to answer your phone calls. If you leave a voicemail during the week, we will return your call as soon as possible. Please call us at 267-388-0670.

What age patients do you treat?

Aspire Child & Family Services, LLC has various therapists that are able to see children, adolescents, and adults. Please call to speak with a representative who could match you with the appropriate therapist.

What is your fee for service? Do you accept insurance?

Our out of pocket rates are as follows: $120.00/45-minutes for a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and $150.00/45-minutes for a Licensed Psychologist.


Please call to inquire about insurance.

What is the process for seeking treatment?

When you call our office, a representative will gather referral information and any other pertinent information. Once it is determined that the referral is appropriate, you or your child will be matched with a skilled therapist. They will reach out directly to you in order to set up a good time for an intake session.

How do I know if my child should seek treatment?

If you are concerned about your child or adolescent’s development, academic, social/emotional, or behavioral functioning, please do not hesitate to call in order to be matched to a specific therapist who could help you and your child.

What do I need to know about Psycho-Educational and Psychological Evaluations?

Psycho-educational and Psychological testing is completed to determine the presence of a disability or weakness that is preventing optimal success in one or more areas of functioning. Many students or individual's come in for an evaluation to determine the presence of a learning disability or other diagnosis (ADHD, Autism), that may be affecting their in school functioning. Generally, these evaluations include a full comprehensive interview, individual testing, and rating scales to be completed. The overall result is a comprehensive report, complete with recommendations. Please refer to the Assessments page for further information.

How much do Evaluations cost and how much time is required?

A Comprehensive Evaluation costs approximately $2,000 - $3,000 out of pocket, depending on the specific referral question, and how many tests and instruments are required. This cost is significantly reduced if an individual only wants a cognitive or IQ test. The time it takes to complete an evaluation will again depend on the reason for referral and the amount of testing necessary. Full Evaluations are usually scheduled over two or three different days to reduce fatigue and optimize performance. The session number and length vary depending on the specific referral question and/or ability level of the individual being testing.

My child already received an evaluation in school but I don’t agree with the results. Can you help me?

Yes! At Aspire Child & Family Services, LLC, we can re-test your child and conduct a more comprehensive evaluation than what is included in school evaluations. Dr. Friedman has extensive experience in conducting evaluations. Her training and expertise in school psychology and special education laws and can ensure a well written evaluation that is aligned with educational practices. The resulting comprehensive report will give a more thorough idea of what is preventing your child from succeeding in the school environment, and provide recommendations that can be brought back to the school team for review.

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