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The Hidden Dangers of an Undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder

The cases of Autism have significantly increased in recent years. Now it seems like everyone knows of somebody with symptoms of Autism. However, there are still many children who go unnoticed due to milder symptom presentations. These children suffer because they still have symptoms that interfere with daily life but do not receive treatment. This can cause long term negative outcomes on a child’s future.

Some cases of Autism are easier to recognize and diagnose; specifically those children who have significant delays in language, repetitive movements, and rigid patterns of behavior. However, when a child is high functioning but suffers from the social impairment associated with Autism, diagnosis and treatment may be overlooked. These children get by in school, and can even be highly intelligent and high achieving. They just never seem to fit in and may even be bullied by others. That is because children with Autism often lack the ability to read facial cues or understand social nuances, making them susceptible to bullying and social isolation. Some children with Autism want social relationships but may come across as “odd” and be ostracized by children their age. Bullying and social isolation can have negative long term implications. Children may become extremely withdrawn and suffer from depression. Over time, this may affect their health and well being.

As a parent, it is important to seek proper diagnosis and treatment if your child sounds like they may present with symptoms of Autism, no matter how mild these symptoms present. Early treatment, including social skills training, is pertinent to allowing your child to grow and develop in all areas.

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