Children, teens, or adults may feel they need help navigating difficult life situations, or may feel like they are suffering from symptoms such as depression or anxiety. Counseling can help individual’s realize their potential and feel positive again.

Although therapy may utilize various modalities, many elements from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) will be integrated. CBT focuses on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and subsequent behaviors. Sessions are 45-minutes in length and are one to one. In some cases, when a child is the client, the family may be brought in to discuss skills taught and progress.

CBT involves recognizing negative thoughts that cause a certain emotional state and modifying those thoughts in order to change subsequent emotions. This means that a person’s perception of an event causes a reaction, and to change the resultant emotional state, the perception of the event must be modified. It also involves techniques that help an individual relax when in a heightened emotional state. Specific techniques are taught directly to the individual and are practiced outside the session to promote generalization across settings.

CBT is a research based technique and is highly successful with individual’s suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression. Please refer to these pages for further information.

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