Depression Treatment

Depression is considered a mood disorder that affects individual’s of all ages and has an impact on various areas of functioning (i.e., relationships, school achievement). According to the DSM-V, when someone is depressed, they often seem sad, easily agitated, overly tired, and no longer enjoy things they used to. There can also be a drastic change in their eating and sleeping patterns, their weight, and their ability to focus and concentrate. In serious cases, an individual who is depressed may be suicidal.

Depression is more common than most people think and can have a drastic impact on an individual’s quality of life and also affect interpersonal relationships with others. Not all cases are the same, and not everyone experiences all symptoms. Some symptoms may be present due to major life changes, or may be caused by biological or genetic factors, or may be a combination of both. Therapy will help an individual gain control of their negative thoughts and maladaptive behaviors, and change these to positive thoughts and experiences. Sessions are individualized and will focus on the child, teen, or adults’, short and long term goals. Individual’s practice skills taught in session at home to generalize skills to other settings.

When an individual is depressed, their thoughts lean towards negativity and end up affecting their behavioral functioning, and can cause physical/medical issues. This is why no matter how depressed someone may be, getting help is extremely important.

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